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Wishlist Rust Racers Now!

The first iteration of our steam page is now public and you can now wishlist the game to show us your support 😘

So how does the Wishlist work apart from notifying the users of the release & on-going sales?

One thing it supposedly does is prime the Steam search algorithm and tell Steam about the general interest for the game, obviously it's more lucrative for Valve to highlight popular games that are more likely to sell than obscure titles with little fuzz around them.

By having a large number of users wishlisting the game Steam is more likely to put the game in the spotlight on related searches. E.g. Rust Racers is tagged as Massively Multiplayer, Racing, Action and by searching for titles related to that Steam will present users with similar titles in the results.

In addition, having some metrics on user interest it will provide us with a decent estimate of our Steam playerbase on launch.

Here are some cool stats from Valve.

And here's the Steam Library Hero you'll get to eyeball frequently once the game is in your possession.

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