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UE5 Upgrade Complete

Turns out Epic Games did a fantastic job pushing their first major version change in 7 years. The upgrade went a lot smoother than we anticipated and most of our systems seems to be intact.

Here's a screenshot of Garage v2.0 running on Lumen and it looks absolutely fantastic. Notice how the emissive light is influencing the global illumination of the level accurately dispersing light around it.

UE5 adds a couple of very nice features for modularization which aligns nicely with how we wanna handle post-release content distribution. On top of all the new shiny toys & features UE5 also solved a handful of Chaos Physics related crashes and bugs. While the engine isn't production ready quite yet it still seems to be well worth the effort staying on the bleeding edge of engine tech.

Oh and the editor UI got a much needed visual overhaul:

on a final note, we might have some cool news to share in the next 1-2 weeks as well so stay tuned.

oh and don't forget to join our discord for the latest & hottest ;)

// Hoffa

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