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The Vehicles of The Wasteland

A game revolving around hauling ass needs some decent rides right? We wanted the cars to tie into their drivers unique style.

Here's a selection of the first few vehicles designed by our lead artist Arvid

Artist: Arvid

The Immolator, a vehicle driven by Warlock, a class based around playing with fire. Key abilities include Immolate and Life Steal.

Artist: Arvid

The Speedball is driven by Savage Sarah a.k.a. "Speedball Sonia" (name yet to be decided) and utilizes a bundle of J.A.T.O rockets for her offensive abilities. These include Boost, Whirlwind and Shockwave.

Artist: Arvid

The Junker was the first car designed for the game and is currently in a bit of a limbo. We haven't decided yet which class should get this car or what special abilities it should have.

Maybe we'll turn it into a community reward and give it to those of you who stick around in our Discord prior to release.

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