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The Driver & You

Artist: Arvid

An important aspect of the game is being able to choose your playstyle and we want to give players the option to pick a pace and style that works well for them.

Each player class/driver has three unique abilities that ties into their visual style and personal flair. We're still debating wether or not an 'ultimate' has a place in the game.

Artist: Arvid

During our early prototyping phase we saw two distinct player types emerge:

The Competetive Player dives head first into action and usually tries to seize any opportunity kill another player, often with very little risk assessment and at any cost. This player frequently causes their own demise.

The Defensive Player skirts the edge of the map and is very catious when approaching other players. Tends to be opportunistic and utilize the lack of consequence analysis from the competetive players. This player usually wins by doing 'nothing' at all.

It's worth noting that some of these tests were done in a prototype that had very limited functionality in terms of spells & abilities.

We decided to divide the player classes into three categories: offensive, defensive and balanced. Something to cater to each type but also the players that like to adapt their style as they go.

Current Class Descriptions

Once all these gameplay mechanics are in place it'll be interesting to test the synergy between the classes and how they affect the gameplay meta.

What kind of classes would you like to see in the game and how would you imagine them being utilized?

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