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Rust Racers + Chaos Vehicles

One of the big question marks making the swap to UE4 was the vehicle physics. We always loved dealing with the low level stuff when it comes to car physics, here we took a gamble and decided to go with UE 4.26 built from source which in turn would let us utilize Epics new Chaos Vehicles.

While they're not too different from the PhysX vehicles they do come with some added risk in terms of stability and performance.

We started rigging up the vehicles a while back to make them ready for our vehicle implementation and a couple of days ago I started running into weird behavior and problems with the rigs. Wheels behaving as if they were in the center of the car, randomly tipping over and spazzing out. This gave me a mild case of Havok Physics PTSD.

After two days of frustration I reached out to Marco Ghislanzoni who does a lot of Vehicle related tutorials for Unreal Engine and inquired about the problems I was experiencing. I didn't expect him to actually respond considering his prominence. not only did he respond it took him 30 seconds to diagnose the problem and give me a solution and low and behold:

Thanks Marco!

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