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"Rust Racers is Mad Max making tender love to Rocket League with Fortnite watching from the closet.."


"..An MMO vehicle combat game where there are no guns or traditional weapons."

"A game where friendship ends.."

"..Easy to learn but hard to master"

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Welcome to Year 2059


Political discourse divided society and as the social contract eroded so did our world.

The United Corporate Government of the remaining world has seized control over the planet, what's left of it that is..

Production & population is tightly managed to maintain sustained growth throughout the total collapse of the global ecosystem.

Operational parameters are overseen by The Corporate Authority, a General Purpose Artificial Intelligence designed to manage human capital through deadly races.

Will you earn your right to live another day in the last city in the world or will your legacy be reduced to another set of training data for a malevolent AI?

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lmao just kiddig.. or am i?

Which murder machine could it be!?

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